Welcome to August Learning Solutions a Custom Education Publisher

We are a new breed of custom publisher that offers you superior learning solutions,
services, and experience in the following areas:


August Learning Solutions is focused helping you fulfill your education goals.

We look forward to working with you

side by side, to learn the intricacies of your custom publishing project and your vision. By partnering with you and lending our expertise, we believe we can help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations, taking your project exactly where you want it to go.


We are an agile organization

quick to respond. We are a team comprised of talented, experienced members, ready to put their talents to work for you to match their skills—from basic to industry-leading—with your needs. And deliver. On time. And in flexible formats best suited to achieve your learning objectives and surpass expectations for your end user.



Experienced in the many aspects of custom publishing and content delivery.


August Learning Solutions offers a full spectrum of custom publishing—from the most basic to the most dynamic and technologically advanced—of best-in-class development and production services for you and your project.

We look forward to meeting with you,

listening, and partnering with you in a consultative approach to diagnose, define and deliver the services and support that most directly align with your project demands.


optimum_value_wshadowWhen you create a custom product you produce the learning tools that are tailored to your specific needs and learning objectives. You provide value—in content, in the user’s experience, and in overall user investment.

Creating and customizing your content allows you to achieve your end goals faster, empower the user to learn more efficiently, and utilize targeted resources, eliminating waste.

At August Learning Solutions, we are committed to working with you to achieve those goals and provide that value. By leveraging our custom publishing experience, we will work with you to optimize the final product so that it meets your learning objectives and maximizes the value for the end user by offering the absolute best price possible.